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It's true though like what do you have going in school or community wise ? You have yet to post any achievements but have selfies for days like what is your talent because you can't work at AA forever Hun no real guy is going to take you seriously because you have nothing to offer up stairs like fashion industries is easy af and you still struggle


why do I have to post my achievements for you people to know I’m doing something with my life? yes I take selfies, but taking a selfie literally takes 2 seconds and an extra 5 to upload and then I go on about my day lol . I go to school, I do pass all my classes, and I live in books and poetry. I’m living my life, and trust me there’s so much more to it than what I post online. I’ve been so blessed with the fact that people support me, with what I do for FUN, but don’t think that it’s all there is to me. now mind your fucking business :-)

Go diana

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